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CESARI rake is the perfect tool for quickly and efficiently clearing of all pruning after cutting in orchards, vineyard, olive and citrus plantations with a width of least 3 metres.

Built conforming to CE standards, has the following characteristics:
  • it can be used on any sort of terrain, whether flat or slightly hilly
  • it can be attached to all types of tractors with a minimum power of 20 HP (mechanical version) or 50 HP (hydraulic version), equipped with an hydraulic lift and a standard power take-off
  • fitted at the back, towards the right of the tractor, the rake is capable to completely clearing the row of all pruning right up to the tree trunk, because is equipped by a mechanical shifting
  • it’s provided of a mechanical plant protection to prevent damage to the bark of the trees
  • it’s available in mechanical or hydraulic rotation versions, for espalier or traditional plantations, and in three models (140 – 170 – 200) according to the circle diameter
  • all versions can be fitted with an hydraulic jack for lateral shifting

Tipo Rc con bracci lunghi, salvapiante, rotazione meccanica
RC type with long arms, plant protector, mechanical rotation

Tipo RCE con bracci lunghi, salvapiante, rotazione idraulica
RCE type with long arms, plant protector, hydraulic rotation

Tipo RCC con bracci corti, salvapiante e martinetto idraulico, rotazione meccanica
RCC type with short arms, plant protector and hydraulic jack, mechanical rotation

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